Revidierter High Security Seal Standard – ISO IS 17712:2010

28 Jan 2011

Hapag-Lloyd informiert über den High Security Seal Standard – ISO IS 17712:2010, der mit Wirkung zum 1. März 2012 in Kraft tritt

Lieber Kunde, dieser Text liegt nur in englischer Sprache vor:

The new ISO mechanical seal standard, ISO International Standard (IS) 17712:2010, that replaces the current ISO PAS 17712 mechanical seal standard will take effect on March 1, 2012.
This new standard includes:

  • A tamper evidence requirement with associated test procedures and certifications.
  • The minimum diameter for the metal components of the pin head and the closing of bolt seals is required to be 18mm.

Mechanical seals, which have not been certified as complying with the tamper evidence and 18 mm minimum diameter as requirement may no longer be sold or used as ISO compliant seals as of March 1, 2012.
As a reminder, our worldwide policy requires all full containers moving under a Hapag-Lloyd Bill of Lading to be delivered with a High Security Seal (HSS) complying with currently applicable ISO 17712.
We encourage our customers to plan their seal purchases so as to ensure that seals affixed to containers as of March 1, 2012 are compliant with ISO IS 17712:2010.

Revidierter High Security Seal Standard – ISO IS 17712:2010

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